Personal mobile dashboard app, anyone? You could try Dashbook

What if you could get all the information you wanted at your fingertips on a daily basis? From stock price movements to football scores? Dashbook, a new personal mobile dashboard app, does just that. Available for now as an iOS app, Dashbook allows you to access on one screen itself all the information you need & would wanna access every day from various sources.

Such Dashboard apps that allow you to begin the day with a quick glance at all the information you need aren’t new. But Dashbook encompasses everything – from news to metrics, live scores & location-based updates about places near you.

Everything is organized & laid out in “dashes,” all on one screen. It’s like your personalized view of the Internet, & they do have a library of dashes that you can add or delete to customize your Dashbook view.

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Google introduces new domain name - .SOY

Google Inc., has announced a new domain name, .SOY targeted at the “Latino identity & expression on the Web.” Anybody who is aiming for the Latin American market can start a Website with the .SOY domain name. In fact, said Google, members of the community have already started building on this platform - from food blogging to tech non-profits, Hispanic advertising to Latina leadership. One such is Republica, one of the leading independent cross-cultural advertising, communications and digital agencies, today unveiled its newly redesigned website….and .SOY means, “I am”in Spanish”. 

Here’s how you build on .SOY. Search for the name you want & Google will connect you with partners who can help you claim your name & get started. From hosting to email to Website building tools - everything’s covered.

Google Android offers everyone the Lollipop, its new OS

Google has just released the next in line version of its famous Android Operating System (OS). It’s called Lollipop (don’t ask us why all versions are named after something sweet & edible!)

Lolllipop, the new Android OS, was previewed at the Google I/O earlier this year. Announcing the next version of the OS on its official blog,

Google called Lollipop “our largest, most ambitious release on Android with over 5,000 new APIs for developers.” Lollipop is designed to be flexible, to work on all devices, & to be customized.

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Do you know of this alternate to Google play store called MoboMarket?

All of us know of Google play store from where you can download free as well as paid apps for Android devices. This, by the way, is also the default store for Android devices. But do you know there’s an alternative to Google play called MoboMarket?

Yup, MoboMarket is a 3rd party Android application that also offers you Android apps. This alternate is a product of MoboRobo, an Android sync software & application developer, established in 2011. MoboRobo has been striving to develop & publish what it claims “high-quality” Android sync software for PC & Android applications.

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Just what the doctor ordered – a common Inbox for (almost) all messaging apps

The world is full of messaging apps. …and the list keeps growing. With all our friends & colleagues on different apps, it can become very frustrating to constantly log in & out of each & every one of those apps. Your fiancé, for example, only uses SMS while your classmate uses WhatsApp. Your brother is solely into Facebook Messenger, while your sister is into Snapchat. OMG!

Well, fret no more.

A recently launched mobile app called Snowball is something that the doctor ordered for tacking the “message apps fatigue”. Snowball, currently in beta, offers a single Inbox for all messages from all the apps. Thus, it negates the need to check every app to keep up.

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Share your life Online anonymously using Broadcast

Secrets! Everybody loves ‘em. But how many of us want to share our secrets with others? We always are nervous that someone, somewhere shall leak them out. Not anymore. There’s a mobile app called Broadcast that allows you to blast your secrets Online in an anonymous manner.

For example, this new iOS app allows you to click pictures, blur the cover picture, give it a caption, & “Broadcast”it to others. You may even follow people to see how they broadcast & share their lives.

Broadcast is the work of Las Vegas, USA based Kandarp Dave.

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Pin A Quote, a Startup that allows you to add text to Pinterest

Pin A Quote has been launched earlier this month by Web strategist Adam Rotman from Ontario, Canada. Pin a Quote lets you highlight any text on any Website that you think would make a good “pin”. Once you’ve highlighted the text you want, you may click the “Pin A Quote” bookmarklet & add in “Who said the quote.” It then converts the quote to an image, allowing you to pin the same on one of your boards on Pinterest or any other Social Network you want. Before you do that, you can also preview the same.

Not only that, Pin a Quote also remembers the source of the text to enable your followers to return to the Webpage where you 1st found your quote. Details such as the identity of the person who wrote the text, etc, can also be recorded.

But before you can do all the above, you need to install the bookmarklet in your Browser. It works in almost all. You need to drag the icon to your bookmarks tab to install it. …& its Free.

Hackers get to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 at Pwn2Own

After Google Chrome, it was the turn of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9.

The Microsoft Browser was hacked at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacking competition by a team from the French research firm Vupen. The hackers were able to run code outside the Browser’s Protected Mode sandbox, a security feature meant to contain malicious code. They were thus able to take control of a fully-patched Windows 7 machine.

Pwn2Own, held every year at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, tests hackers to find vulnerabilities in four Web Browsers — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. The contest is based on a points system.

Turn your Smartphone into a walkie talkie using Voxer

Simply put, Voxer turns your Smartphone into a walkie talkie. But there is more to this App than just that.

The guys at Voxer claim to filling the gap between phone calls & texting. Messages sent over Voxer stream ‘Live’ even as you talk, & your friends at the other end can join you in Real Time or listen to the conversation later. In fact, an oft-used line by these guys is - Don’t waste time on phone calls & voicemails.

The App is currently available for iOS run devices such as the iPhone & also for Android phones. The iOS version was launched in May 2011 while the Android one came later, in November 2011. Voxer is a Free App.

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Measure your Influence on Pinterest using PinPuff

Whenever new Social Networking Sites come Online, it is now a trend to have some Startups that add some kinda value to it.

So, following the success of Pinterest, there’s a Startup now called PinPuff that acts as a new social scoring system & allows fans to calculate their Pinfluence - a new measure that checks the influence and reach of design lovers on Pinterest. PinPuff does not have any direct relation with Pinterest as in it is not owned or a subsidiary.

Like the other influence measurement agency, Klout, PinPuff ranks users on a 100-point scale. The metrics for the image-based site are similar to those on Facebook or Twitter. But the people behind PinPuff do not like being called a “Klout for Pinterest” as that it just one feature in their Startup, they claim.

In addition to the score, Pinfluence also estimates the dollar value generated by the pins. Companies can use the platform for managing campaigns on Pinterest or for tracking high-performing Pinterest users.